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Original 2 oz Bison + Beef Stick (10 pack)

Original 2 oz Bison + Beef Stick (10 pack)

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"World's Tastiest Meat Sticks"
    - Robert Sikes (Keto Savage)

Training sessions at the gym, powder days in the mountains, hunting in the woods, powering through a long workday, road trips with your loved ones, perfecting your craft in the workshop...when you're pursuing excellence in your relationships, career, and passions, you need a fuel source that keeps you going.  

We formulated these sticks for people who work hard, play hard, and support others.

  • Macros: 210 cal, 17g fat, 12g protein, 1g carbs.
  • 100% Grass-Fed & Finished: animals sourced from American ranches practicing regenerative agriculture principles.
  • Slow Fermented: introducing probiotics via a starter culture made from non-GMO beets.  
  • No BS! We avoid using encapsulated acids, glutens, grains, soy, GMOs, seed oils, dyes, and anything else you wouldn't want to ingest.  

Ingredient List:  Grass-Fed & Finished Bison, Grass-Fed & Finished Beef, water, sea salt, organic spice blend (including black pepper, sage, garlic, thyme, coriander, onion powder), celery juice powder, lactic acid starter culture, organic dextrose from tapioca (used to initiate the fermentation process), dye-free beef collagen casing.

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