We use clean, high-quality ingredients that are fermented and cooked slowly with a generous amount of the best fats on the planet.

It's a simple process that allows us to make the most delicious meat sticks on the market.


We formulated our sticks to be big!

We packed as many calories, fats, and proteins as we could because we know you need a more substantial option to keep up with your lifestyle.

Slow Fermented

Our slow approach to fermenting and cooking allows us to introduce probiotics into our sticks and avoid harmful preservatives.

This results in a cleaner product that honors both the animals and the ranchers that we source from.


Our animals spend their entire lives on ranches, not in feed lots or factories.

The bison are field harvested and processed on site with the utmost care and respect.

  • Hands down the best meat stick I have ever had.

    - Brett Ender (Co-founder Meat Mafia Podcast & Noble Origins)

  • These sticks are far superior in flavor and texture than any other meat stick I've ever tried. They are the perfect sugar-free afternoon snack, and they are massive. Just order some.

    - Adam Robinson (Founder Retention.com)

  • These sticks are crazy good writing fuel.  I'm super sensitive to minor differences in how I think when writing and these sticks keep me at the desk instead of having to step away and cook a meal. They are legit. Better than anything else on the market and i've tried it all.

    - Philipp Meyer (Author & Outdoorsman)

  • Being a mom on the go I’m never in the same spot. Having these on me have saved my butt a few times already…and keep me full until I get home for dinner. I love being able to eat an actual grass fed stick and not have to slow down my daily routines.

    - Cari

  • Best backcountry snack I’ve ever had. 

    - Blake

  • I can’t eat a lot of the mainstream sticks on the market because they flare up my stomach issues - to the point that I’m curled up in a ball on the floor if I eat one.  These were delicious and I had no stomach issues whatsoever after eating these. These will be my go-to going forward, especially during long shoots.

    - John E. (Moxie Race Team)